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Do deficits continue to matter?

In, by Scott Sumner
“Why deficits matter as much as ever During normal times, most people grasp what economists call “opportunity cost.” If the government spends money, someone will eventually have to pay the price through higher taxes. During deep recessions, however, there is sometimes a mistaken perception that the old rules no longer apply, and that money can more...
June 8

Why Are People Losing Faith in The Dollar?

In Bloomberg, By Stephen Roach in 
June 6

Why is Wall Street Doubting the Fed?

In Yahoo Finance, by Saleha Mohsin and Davide Scigliuzzo in 
June 1

What could rising deficits mean for the future?

In Yahoo Finance, by Brian Sozzi, June 1, 2020 in 
May 27

Could Inflation Drive Gold Prices Higher?

In, By Omkar Godbole in 
May 16

Is the Economy in Trouble?

In, by Sylvan Lane in 
May 10

Why should investors look to silver now?

In Yahoo Finance, By Chris Vermeulen in 

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