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Uncertainty in the Markets

Nowhere is change more prevalent and pronounced than in the world’s financial markets. Stock, bond, currency and commodity prices can and do change throughout each trading day. Periodically, volatile and unpredictable market conditions can cause these changes to be quite dramatic. At such times, a diversified investment portfolio may help protect an investor from the full effect of unanticipated potentially disastrous market movement such as a stock market crash.
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A Question of Value Investing

Many experts believe that the stock markets, and the mutual funds that invest in them, are overvalued and potentially at risk for correction similar to the corrections seen in 1929, 1987, 2000 and 2008. Stock market investors should consider balancing their market risk with real precious metals and not just gold stocks, which like all stocks, are subject to business risk as well as market risk (and can be extremely volatile at times). Historically, physical gold has been a premier and desirable financial asset in times of market turmoil. Precious metals are one of the only financial asset classes in an investment portfolio that are not simultaneously someone else's liability.

The Prospect of Inflation

In an attempt to avoid a recession, the U.S. government has been forced to inflate the U.S. economy with an easy monetary policy and increased spending. Precious metals may offer inflation protection and profit opportunity, as evidenced by the skyrocketing precious metal prices in the late 1970s when inflation reached double-digit rates.

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Government Debt May Also Spur Inflation

Our colossal national debt has continued to snowball and is now past $21 trillion. Interest payments on this debt now drain the budget of billions of dollars each month. If history provides any guidance, this escalating debt could lead to a new wave of inflation, particularly if the government prints money to pay it off.

Wealth Protection in the 21st Century

Increasing level of domestic and international strife, terrorism, war, declining value of the U.S. Dollar, overvalued stock, bond and real estate markets are all very real concerns for investors today. These economic events also increase the possibilities of inflation, deflation, recessions, depressions, and even tougher times in the near future.

For thousands of years, in good times and bad, physical precious metals have offered investors a solid, long-term and tangible way to hold wealth. Unlike paper investments (like stocks, bonds and currencies) that can and have become worthless overnight, precious metals have true intrinsic value. In such an uncertain environment, it is natural—and highly appropriate—to seek out strategic investment alternatives in order to attempt to preserve one's wealth and, ideally, to increase one's wealth.

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