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Palladium the Versatile Metal

Palladium is one of the more lesser known metals. However, the lack of awareness does not dwindle the value or demand of this remarkable commodity. In recent years, palladium prices have, at times, shown investors incredible value retention and increases. Occasionally, the price of palladium has been on similar price levels as gold, making it a great asset for investors looking to add a high value precious metal other than gold to their portfolio. View our entire palladium products including coin and bullion now.

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Palladium Prices FAQ's

What is Palladium?

Depending on who you are, you might find yourself using palladium in extremely different ways. However, the one thing most people familiar with palladium can agree on, is that it is rare and it has a high value. For engineers, palladium can be used to make catalytic converters, aircraft spark plugs, electrical contacts, surgical instruments, and more. Much like other precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, palladium bullion coins carry with it a face value gauranteed by its country of origin. For investors, the inclusion of palladium in their investment portfolio could bring valuable diversification.

Why is Palladium Valuable?

One of the reasons palladium continues to grow in value is because of the demand from manufacturing. Over the past several years, the rise of palladium usage in auto catalysts has developed a true supply/demand deficit. This deficit has caused palladium to be one of the best performing precious metals for the past several years.

What Affects Palladium Prices?

As with other precious metals, a primary driver for the value of palladium is investor demand. Because palladium is a commodity, the price of palladium can also be affected by the need for it in manufacturing products, global legislation, above ground reserves, and especially mine supply.

Historical Palladium Prices

Whether you are looking at prices for palladium coins or bars, the historic prices of palladium show some massive gains. Below are a few of the most dramatic price gains in recent history:

  • 800% gain from November 1996 to January 2001
    $114 per oz to $1090 per oz
  • 300% gain from April 2003 to March 2008
    $145 per oz to $595 per oz
  • 400% gain from December 2008 to February 2011
    $160 per oz to $862 per oz
  • 150% gain January 2016 to January 2018
    $451 per oz to $1133 per oz
  • 90% gain August 2018 to March 2019
    $815 per oz to $1576 per oz

Free "A Year for Accumulation" Report

Free A Year for Accumulation ReportLearn why 2019 is the year for accumulation in our new report written by widely-recognized financial market analyst, author, and Managing Partner of CPM group, Jeffrey Christian. This insightful report will provide you with informative facts, statistics, charts, and more details that explain why investors should begin to think about accumulating precious metals in 2019. Monex offers this report completely free of charge in an effort to keep our customers and prospective customers informed about the events occurring within the precious metals market.

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Should I Invest in Platinum or Palladium?

The choice between a platinum or palladium investment varies from investor to investor. It is important to be informed about the differences between the metals and make your investment with an educated decision. As of 2019, the CPM Group has stated, “Palladium demand from the auto sector is forecast to slow in the medium term. Demand is expected to be hit by a combination of slowing demand from the auto sector and an increased use of platinum in place of palladium.”

Should I Invest in Palladium Bars or Palladium Coins?

When deciding between bars and coins, investors should look towards the product which offers the benefits that are better aligned with their investing goals. A main benefit and difference between bars and coins is the amount you are able to liquidate at any given time. Coins are generally smaller and easier to hold, while bars are typically sold in larger ounce sizes. Coins are also backed by the country of origin as currency. In addition to having a coin with a beautiful design, coins also offer the investor privacy due to favorable tax reporting laws. Bars are typically used among investors who look to buy and hold their metals in a third-party depository.

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