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For more than 1,100 years, the innovative Royal Mint has created coins that are both beautiful and secure. Hailing from this esteemed mint and the well-known Britannia Series, The Silver Britannia is a sovereign coin backed by the British government and renowned for its beauty and trustworthiness. To learn more about this respected coin and how to buy British Silver Britannias, contact Monex today
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British Silver Britannia Coins
Design and Specification

The British Silver Britannia coin contains one troy ounce of .999 pure silver with an issued face value of 2 pound sterling (GBP). In 1987 the Royal Mint debuted the British Britannia Series with the introduction of the Gold Britannias. Ten years later the Silver Britannia coin was issued for the first time. The coin’s obverse features Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse depicts the figure of Britannia standing firm against a ferocious storm. In 2021, the design of the coin was enhanced with surface animation, a latent image, tincture lines and micro text to provide further protection. Silver Britannias may be purchased in units of 100 and are eligible to add into your IRA.

In 2022, Britannia, the symbol of Britain, leads the way to redefine security in the bullion market, and embodies The Royal Mint’s drive for the very best in design and security. This latest evolution of the icon has four groundbreaking security features to create the most visually secure coin in the world. These additions both decorate and protect the coin, just as the micro-text that borders the design states – ‘Decus et Tutamen’, which translates as ‘An ornament and a safeguard’.

British Silver Britannia Coins
British Silver Britannia Coins for sale

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