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Investing in Palladium

Palladium, a platinum group metal, is a rare element used primarily in the automotive, chemical, electrical, jewelry and dental industries and may offer investors some of the best opportunities in the precious metals complex in the years ahead. Of the four precious metals, palladium is the lesser known, but appreciated for its monetary benefits as a store of wealth and hedge against inflation.
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Palladium Coins

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Analysts at the CPM Group, in their 2017 PGM Market Outlook report written exclusively for Monex, believe palladium will continue to perform strongly consistent with its favorable supply and demand fundamentals.

The reason? Although there may be palladium surpluses of mining sources as compared to fabrication usage, any net surplus is relatively small. Of course, if investors are reluctant to buy palladium, this metal’s price may remain weak for a time, but its favorable, let us say tighter fundamentals, as compared to platinum, have investors eager to invest in the less well-known member of the precious metals complex. If a major government mint were to join the Royal Canadian Mint in issuing palladium coinage, it could be quite sensational. As of yet, the United States Mint has gained congressional approval but no palladium coin production schedule has been publicized.

What many investors are discovering is that with tighter markets and stronger fabrication demand, palladium may see stronger prices than platinum in 2017 and beyond. In fact, palladium could move to a premium over platinum at times over the next several years. These tighter fundamentals are not being lost on investors, who may show more interest in palladium than platinum going forward.

The majority of the world's supply of palladium comes from just two countries: Russia and South Africa. Russia currently accounts for close to 40% of annual global mine supplies, with South Africa producing slightly less. Output from mines in other parts of the world, as well as supplies from recycling efforts, make up the balance of available supplies. The demand side of the equation, though, is what has attracted the interest of investors: fabrication and investor demand has increased solidly over the years. And the primary source of this increased demand? Gasoline-powered vehicles, which require palladium in their catalytic converters to control exhaust emissions. Rapidly growing gasoline-powered vehicle production in the U.S., China, India and elsewhere require increasing supplies of palladium.

With the attractive supply/demand fundamentals, combined with the relatively small size of the market compared to the gold and silver markets, it is easy to see why investors are attracted to palladium as a way to diversify an investment portfolio and speculate in an often-volatile and fast-moving market. Monex has been a leader in physical palladium investments for many years and would be pleased to discuss how a palladium investment could be incorporated into your personal investment program.

Palladium Canadian Maple Leafs Coins Obverse

Purchasing palladium bullion coins can be an outstanding way to invest in the palladium market, as coins are easy to buy, hold, sell and trade. In addition, should it be necessary, coins can be divided up into smaller units, unlike larger bullion bars. Monex offers Canadian Maple Leaf palladium bullion coins exclusively, in units of 10 one-ounce coins. 

Each coin is comprised of pure .9995 fine palladium and is truly beautiful. Palladium Maple Leaf bullion coins are produced in accordance with the Royal Canadian Mint's exacting standards, and each coin's weight, purity and face value are guaranteed by the Canadian government.

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Palladium Bullion

Buying palladium bullion is a convenient and cost-effective way to invest in the often-exciting palladium market. With the market's impressive supply/demand fundamentals, and growing prospects for a potential supply squeeze in the years ahead, an investment in physical palladium bullion may be one of the best bets on the board now and in the years ahead. Monex offers palladium bullion in 10-ounce bars of .9995 fineness for delivery, storage and as a trading vehicle in the Monex Atlas Account. Each bar we offer is hallmarked by a leading refiner to certify the bar's weight and purity.

Monex Account Representatives are normally available between 5:30am and 4:30pm Pacific time each Monday through Friday (except national holidays)...and on many weekends.

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Palladium Investment FAQ's
What are the Top-Ten Palladium Facts?

Monex' Top-Ten Palladium Facts are:

  1. Palladium is the least appreciated of the four precious metals as an investment, but
  2. Palladium prices have appreciated more than the more popular precious metals over the last ten years.
  3. Congressional approval has paved the way for the first Palladium Eagle from the US Mint.
  4. US Mint's Palladium Eagle will use the famed “Mercury Head” dime obverse design.
  5. A United States palladium coin will endorse the metal as an alternative bullion investment.
  6. Recent advances in Selective Catalytic Reduction reduces the quantity of palladium per vehicle.
  7. During a temporary supply squeeze, palladium prices exceeded gold prices, reaching $1,000 per ounce.
  8. South Africa mine production fell over most of the past decade, and is projected to decline further.
  9. For the most part, palladium is produced as a by-product of other mining.
  10. About 40% of the world's mining supply comes from just one Russian company, Norilsk.
How did the Element Palladium get its Name?

Palladium was discovered in England in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston. Palladium gets its name from the asteroid "Pallas" which was discovered at about the same time, and is derived from the Greek name Pallas, goddess of wisdom.

Why should I invest in Palladium?

There are many good reasons to put some precious metals in an investment portfolio. It is anticipated that supplies of Palladium will be tight in years ahead, while at the same time, see growth in industrial usage. This tight supply and increased demand suggests stronger prices than alternative metals. Furthermore, an introduction of a United States palladium coin could very well be an endorsement of palladium as a bullion alternative, and put increased attention on palladium markets in general.

What are ways of investing in Palladium in 2020?

The best way to invest in palladium is by gaining ownership and title to physical palladium bullion, in ether coin or bar form. Derivative investments are available such as NYMEX palladium futures contracts. However, be cautious that palladium is less appreciated as a monetary metal, so select only the finest and most popular forms of palladium. Some of the top choices for investing in palladium from Monex are The Royal Canadian Mint One Ounce Palladium Maple Leaf, and highly refined palladium ingots of at least .9995 fineness.

Is Platinum or Palladium better?

Per cubic inch, platinum is significantly (75%) more dense than palladium. As such, platinum would be more efficient to use in their chief fabrication usage as an autocatalyst, if it were not for platinum's higher scarcity and cost. Also, palladium is far less recognized as a monetary metal, so overall market liquidity may be better for platinum products. Certainly, platinum's value premium to palladium suggests that it is a much better metal, but palladium values are approaching platinum prices, and it is possible that palladium prices could reach or exceed platinum prices in the future.

Should I buy Palladium or Platinum?

Palladium has relatively healthier bullish fundamentals that have been seen in strong prices in recent history. In comparison with the other precious metals, palladium was the best performer, gaining over 20% in 2016. Palladium typically has wider price ranges and therefore greater price volatility, which presents both greater risks and opportunities.

Is Palladium a good Investment in 2020?

CPM Group analysis in a 2017 special report expects palladium investments to be strong due to tight supplies and increasing industrial usage. This tightness should serve as strong underlying support for palladium prices during 2017. For more current monthly CPM analysis and reporting, please contact your Monex Account Representative.

Why should I invest in Palladium with Monex?

Monex has been America’s trusted name in palladium and other precious metals investments for over 50 years. With customer transactions now exceeding $60 billion, and an active two-way, buy and sell market during its 11-hour trading day, Monex has never failed to deliver every ounce of metal customers purchase. Monex offers extremely competitive prices on its palladium products, and posts both real-time ask and bid prices online and through its mobile app, the Monex Bullion Investor available for both Apple and Android smartphones. Customers and prospective customers may inquire about their particular questions quickly and efficiently, along with discussing current trends and market information with a friendly and knowledgeable Monex Account Representative. Meaningful investments in physical palladium are valuable, and Monex can arrange storage of an investor’s metal at a bank or depository. Customers have the ability to borrow funds from Monex Credit Company using their palladium as collateral. Monex offers the ability to place limit-orders and stop-orders to purchase or sell if and when a selected target price is reached.

What Palladium Products does Monex offer to Investors?

Monex offers the two most popular ways to own palladium, including pure palladium bullion bars and bullion coins. Pure 10-ounce .9995 fine palladium bullion bars are in the form of ten-ounce ingots, which are stamped with the refiner’s hallmark, exact weight and fineness, and serial number. Monex offers legal tender, pure palladium bullion one-ounce Canadian Maple Leaf coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Should I invest in Palladium Bars or Coins?

When taking personal home delivery of precious metals, especially with palladium, most would agree that coins are simply a better choice. On the other hand, if you choose to use bank/depositor delivery, palladium bullion bars are more cost-efficient and likely your best choice.

Does the Face Value of a Palladium Maple Leaf Coin affect its Worth?

The face value of the Palladium Maple Leaf coin is but $50 Canadian and is insignificant as it relates to its intrinsic commodity melt value. Therefore, the face value is unimportant and really does not affect its worth. However, having the currency value affixed by Canada is quite important as it makes it a legal-tender coin and not a bullion ingot/round.

What is the minimum amount of Palladium I can buy from Monex?

The minimum purchase amount for palladium at Monex is 10-ounces, whether for bullion or coin form. For legal tender Canadian Maple Leaf palladium bullion coins, the minimum purchase is one unit, containing 10 one-ounce pure platinum coins.

What is the process of investing in Palladium with Monex?

Once you have decided on the type and quantity of palladium to purchase, your Monex Account Representative will assist you in executing your order over the phone, and your purchase and price will be confirmed on a tape recorded line after your acknowledgment. A written confirmation will then be sent to you with the details of your order. Payment may be made after you order, but must be initiated on the day of purchase, which means you must mail or wire funds on the day of your purchase. You can have your metal shipped to your home, made available for pick-up at one of our affiliated secure locations located across the U.S., or have your metal delivered to a bank/depository for storage.

What forms of Payment does Monex accept?

For bank wires from domestic banks, the funds are good (reliable) upon receipt. For bank wires of U.S. funds from foreign banks, the funds are good upon bank verification. Cashier’s checks and personal checks are also accepted; however, a hold-funds period of from five to ten days and bank verification are required. Cash, credit cards, convenience checks, payment in foreign currency or checks drawn on foreign banks are not acceptable.

Is Physical Palladium taxed?

In regards to sales tax on palladium purchases, Monex only collects sales tax on purchases for home delivery which are under $1,500 for California residents and under $1,000 for New York residents. As a general rule for investment gains, profits are only taxable when you sell palladium, no matter how long you own it. However, you should rely on your tax advisor for such advice.

Will Monex report my Palladium Purchase to the Government?

Monex is not required to report customer palladium purchases to the IRS. However, the IRS does require Monex to report palladium sales by customers to Monex if the sale is palladium bullion bars of 100 or more total ounces.

How long does it take to receive my Palladium?

Almost every investment in physical metal is unique. For this reason, calculating shipping timing for a unique palladium product is not a universal answer. Delivery of your metal is dependent on a large variety of factors including the quantity of metals, when your purchase is made, and more. On average, physical metal will leave the shipping facility two to five days following confirmed reliable good funds. Of course, with any metal you order for delivery, you will receive a tracking number of your order so you can keep track of your metal and you’ll also be able to see whether the shipper has an estimated delivery date or not. During times when the shipping volume is extremely high, you will be notified if any delays are expected. Call a Monex account representative to learn more about estimated shipping times for your unique investment.

Can I track my Palladium Shipment Online?

Yes. Once Monex has received payment and the funds are confirmed and considered reliable good funds, Monex will direct one of its independent shipping facilities to package and assign it to either USPS or UPS for delivery to you. Once Monex has received a tracking number for your shipment, you will be notified by email or telephone. Please call Monex and talk with an Account Representative to learn more about current pick up locations for precious metals.

Where is the best Place to sell-back Palladium?

Since 1967, Monex companies have made it a priority to buy back coins and bars that customers have purchased at attractive then-current Monex bid prices. Its multi-billion dollar, two-way buy and sell market is a hallmark and tradition at Monex, and is your assurance of liquidity for your palladium bullion or coin investment. Please contact a Monex Account Representative for additional details.

How does the Palladium sell-back process work?

Selling your palladium bullion or coin investment back to Monex is a relatively easy process. When you are ready to sell your palladium, just contact your Monex Account Representative for shipping instructions. Shipments must then be sent by USPS registered and insured mail with a return receipt. Customers are responsible for fully insuring their shipments, until received by Monex. Once the shipment is received and verified you will be notified and able to sell your palladium. Proceeds of your sale will be sent to you in the form of a check or bank wire, or if you prefer, credited to your account. If your palladium is in storage through Monex Credit Company at one of the banks/depositories, you can sell your metal over the phone at any time without delay. The transfer of title to the palladium from you to Monex will follow your sale, and the bank/depository will notify you by mail that the transfer of title has occurred. There are no delivery charges when your palladium stored through a Monex Atlas Account is delivered to or from a bank/depository storage facility.

Can I borrow Cash against my Physical Palladium Investment?

With storage of physical palladium through Monex at one of our storage facilities, you are able to borrow against your palladium metal holdings in two ways. You can use the loan proceeds to purchase more metal, or we can send you a check for the loan amount. There are no loan set-up fees or penalties for repayment at any time. You can call your Account Representative and have the total amount proceeds of the loan immediately sent to you, or you can use the loan to pay for a purchase.

Can I store my Palladium Investment through Monex?

Monex can arrange for the secure storage of your palladium bullion or coin investments. Monex will deliver your palladium with full title and ownership in your name to one of the independent bank/depository facilities that provide storage for Monex customers. These bank/depositories include multiple secure depository locations throughout the country.

How do I know the Palladium Products I get from Monex are authentic?

Monex guarantees the authenticity and fineness of all its bullion bars and coins. All palladium bullion bars are imprinted with the refiner’s name, exact weight and fineness. Palladium Maple Leaf coins are produced by the highly respected Royal Canadian Mint. The RCM takes great care in issuing its bullion coins with the latest security improvements. And, Monex is authorized by the RCM as one of its Bullion DNA dealers to verify the authenticity of certain Maple Leaf coins using a laser-marking and precision radial line technology verification system.

Is my Palladium Investment insured?

All shipments of palladium products to you are insured against loss or damage in transit. If you decide to have your palladium delivered to and stored by a bank/depository, the metal is fully insured in transit and also while in storage.

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