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When it comes to investing in precious metals, your investment decisions should be made using current facts and information about the precious metals market. Monex provides free resources and tools to help you make an educated decision about your precious metals investment.
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Call Monex to discover the free tools and resources we provide investors like you looking to begin their precious metals investment journey.
After talking with an Account Representative and gaining access to our free resources, you can begin thinking about your personal investment strategy.
Implement your investing strategy. Will you buy, sell, or hold? Remember, with Monex, you have control of your precious metals investment decisions.

Free Introduction to Owning Precious Metals

The Monex Atlas Account booklet goes into detail about investing in precious metals. This insightful guide will show you a number of different ways you can purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in both bullion and coin form from Monex. Discover the knowledge in this free informative booklet today.
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One of the most popular sayings of investing is, “buy low, sell high.”

However, almost any experienced investor can tell you that knowing when the best time to buy and sell is not simple. Monex is here to provide you resources, tools, and information about the precious metals market to help you better understand these markets and keep you informed on the latest market moves and events.

When you call Monex, our knowledgeable Account Representatives are here to serve you and answer your questions about precious metals, their markets, and how to purchase. Your Account Representative will be your personal contact with Monex and will work with you to help you decide which products from Monex meet your desires.

As part of our mission to keep investors informed about investing in metals, we provide you with free, current reports.

These reports cover a variety of topics revolving around the four main metals we offer: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They include helpful insight such as historical charts, economic factors, and more. We also offer reports written exclusively for Monex by Jeffery Chrsitian, founder and managing partner of the CPM Group. These reports will give you additional insight into the metals market as well as CPM’s projections of what could happen in the future.

In addition to these resources, you also have full access to educational videos, live prices, and price charts all for free here on our site. To get your questions answered, and to start investing in precious metals, call Monex today and speak with an Account Representative who can help you begin your investing journey.

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