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American Eagle Gold Coin Price Charts

Historically, gold has been sought for the stability, liquidity and diversity it can provide to an investment portfolio. Monex is proud to offer a gold bullion coin - the gold American Eagle - that provides all these benefits and the backing and security of the American government.

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Gold American Eagle Coin

Gold American Eagle Coin

The Gold American Eagle price charts above feature Monex Ask Prices per ounce for 22-karat (.9167 fine) Gold American Eagle coins (each containing one troy ounce of pure gold) currently available from Monex in units of 10 coins. The 3-Month Live chart above incorporates the latest Gold American Eagle price for the current trading day, while the 6-Month Candlestick, 1-Year Close, 5-Year Close and 10-Year Close charts incorporate the last Gold American Eagle price for the previous trading day.

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American Gold Eagle FAQ's
What is the Price of Gold Eagle Coins Today?

The current ask purchase prices for a one-ounce American Gold Eagle is: $1919.9 The best reference for today's up to date prices for Gold Eagle Coins is above. For a comparison of Gold Eagles to other gold coins, refer to Monex' Live Prices Page.

How much is an American Eagle Gold Coin Worth?

The currency “face value” of a one-ounce American Gold Eagle is $50. However, Gold Eagles are worth close to their intrinsic metal value. General shortage or surpluses of Gold Eagles in the marketplace can affect their worth as related to pure investment grade bullion. The Monex bid selling price for one-ounce Gold Eagle coin is: $23.58.

What is the Value of a One-Ounce American Gold Eagle Coin?

The one-ounce American Gold Eagle actually weighs 1.0909 troy ounces. Each coin does contain one troy ounce of pure 24 karat gold. The value of the one-ounce Gold Eagle is equivalent to the melt value of one troy ounce of gold, which of course varies minute by minute.

What is the American Gold Eagle Price Today to sell?

The current or most recent Monex Gold Bid price for American Gold Eagle coins is: $1848.3. For full transaction details and transactional service such as price limit orders, feel free to consult with your Monex Account Representative.

What was the Price of American Eagle Gold Coins in 2016?

In 2016, one-ounce American Gold Eagles opened the year at a price of $1,131, and ended the year at a price of $1,129. The monthly average price for one-ounce Gold Eagles in 2016 was $1,311.

How can American Gold Eagle Price Charts help Me?

Monex Gold Eagle prices are recorded, compared and charted against time to suggest trends and overextended price moves. In addition to the most current price of American Eagle gold coins, one can compare it to the previous day's final price and consider the 100-day moving average of closing prices.

What factors influence the Value of American Gold Eagles?

The United States Gold Eagle gold coin family are essentially bullion. Each of the coins contains a specific quantity of gold and its intrinsic value is influenced by the price of pure gold bullion. Not only is it an industrial commodity, it is the world's truest money. American Eagle gold coins have four primary factors that influence their prices:

  1. Cyclical fluctuations in the amount of jewelry and industrial demands as related to the supply of the commodity from mining and scrap recovery affect gold prices.
  2. Changes in central bank gold ounces in reserves (government stockpiles) can play a role in supply and demand for the commodity.
  3. Prices are influenced by overall gold demand by private investors and investment funds at relative price levels, which is largely affected by economic issues, geopolitical uncertainty and a nation's real inflation-adjusted interest rates.
  4. To a lesser extent, in periods of investor mass liquidations of gold coins, the value of Gold Eagle Coins as related to bullion would tend to be diminished.
Why is the American Gold Eagle bid/sell Price important?

Gold coin investors should consider that when one desires to liquidate their American Gold Eagles for cash, exiting the investment is as important as entering the transaction. A true two-way market with sizable transaction volume offers investors the ability to both purchase and sell their metal at very competitive prices. Monex Deposit Company has executed over 60 billion dollars in physical customer precious metals transactions.