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Precious Metals Investing in 2023

Throughout 2022, the world dealt with economic uncertainty fueled by Russian military aggression and lingering COVID-19 supply chain ramifications. In 2023, the economic ramifications may well persist along with the uncertainty the Russia incident brings to world governments, the economy, and everyday people. With so many factors working against investors, could precious metals be the answer to a better future? Is now the time to invest in a real, physical investment?

With insights, market analysis, and forecasts from widely-recognized financial market analyst, author, and CPM Group managing partner Jeffrey Christian, Monex strives to keep everyday investors engaged, informed, and educated about why a better future could be possible with the power of precious metals.

Watch our video series "Precious Metals For More Than Just Inflation" with CPM Managing Director Jeffrey Christian to listen in on his first-hand observations and thoughts on the future of the economy and precious metals.

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