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100-oz Silver Bullion Bars

Monex Product Silver Bullion 100oz Bars

Owning silver in pure 100-oz bullion bar form is an increasingly popular way for investors to diversify their investment holdings with hard assets. These silver ingots are a convenient and cost-effective way to hold silver – they are far easier to handle and store than the far-larger 1,000-ounce silver bullion bars, and at the same time, they carry a far-smaller premium over the spot price of silver than silver coins or rounds.

Silver as an investment has grown in popularity in recent years due in part to its price activity in the marketplace which has taken place since 2011. From a high of nearly $50 per ounce in August 2011, the price of silver declined more than 50% to under $20 per ounce as of the third quarter of 2016. Many investors have seen this as an opportunity to buy silver at a price well under recent market highs, at a time when the silver market fundamentals appear to be more favorable for long-term investment than they have been in years.

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Available supplies of silver – from primary and secondary silver mine production, silver scrap recycling and other sources – have declined since 2009. At the same time, demand for silver – for industrial, electrical, electronic and medical applications, as well as investment demand for silver bars and coins – has been growing steadily in recent years. New uses for silver, including solar panels, medical devices, biocides and ethylene oxide catalysts, have been and now are growing significantly. Many investors see this developing lower supply/higher demand situation as an opportunity to invest in a hard asset at a time in history when they can buy silver at a relatively low price now, in the hope of selling later at a far higher price.

Silver bullion

Many different 100-ounce silver ingots of .999 fine silver bullion are available today, including bars from the Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson-Matthey and Engelhard. 100 ounce silver bars are produced either by an extrusion process, machine fabrication or by a free-pour method. These types of silver bars are all guaranteed to weigh 100 troy ounces. Each bar is hallmarked by the refinery and is stamped with its exact weight, fineness and serial number. Unlike the larger 1,000 ounce bars, smaller 100 ounce silver ingots are preferred by many for stacking and storage in a safety deposit box or a home safe.

Monex offers 100-ounce silver bullion ingots for personal delivery, and they can also be financed through the exclusive Monex Atlas Storage Account where investors can make as little as a 25% down payment on the price of their silver investment and finance the balance at very favorable rates.

For more information on investing in 100-ounce silver bullion bars, call one of our Monex Account Representatives. They are normally available between 5:30am and 4:30pm Pacific time each Monday through Friday (except national holidays)...and on many weekends.

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