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90% Silver U.S. Coin Bags

Monex Product 90% Silver Bags

Monex, America's trusted name in precious metals for more than forty years, is proud to offer one of the most convenient and versatile ways to own silver...$1,000 face value bags of circulated U.S. 90% silver coins minted prior to 1965.

Today, you rarely see these pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver coins in circulation. Why? Because although these coins are U.S. legal tender and can still be used to purchase goods and services, their actual and true value is based on the amount of pure silver they contain, and that value today is substantially higher than the coins' face value.

According to Sir Thomas Gresham, a British Economist in the mid-16th century who formulated the principle known as Gresham's Law: "When coins of equal face value but different intrinsic value are put into circulation side by side, the coin with the higher intrinsic value will be hoarded and only the coin of lower intrinsic value will remain in circulation."

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That is exactly what happened in the 1960's when Public Law 88-36 was passed and silver was eliminated as the underlying exchange for one and two dollar bills. In 1965, the U.S. government discontinued minting U.S. dimes, quarters and half dollars with a 90% silver content and switched instead to cheaper cupro-nickel coins with less intrinsic value.

As Gresham's Law predicted, bad money drove out the good, and pre-1965 silver coins quickly disappeared from circulation. One of the results of that situation was that a new industry dealing in the sale of silver coins to investors was born...and the first company to specialize in U.S. 90% silver coin investments was Monex, then known as the Pacific Coast Coin Exchange.

Monex has grown considerably since those early days, but still continues to offer $1,000 face value bags of U.S. 90% silver coins.

U.S. Silver Bags

Each 90% silver bag contains either 4,000 U.S. quarters or 10,000 U.S. dimes dated 1964 or earlier...weighs approximately 800 troy ounces (or 54 pounds)...and contains approximately 715 ounces of pure silver.

One of the primary benefits of a 90% silver coin bag investment is that the bag has a built-in guarantee simply unavailable with most other silver investments: No matter what happens to the price of silver, the value of your 90% silver bag will never be worth less than its $1,000 face value.

Another feature of 90% silver coin bags that is often of great interest to investors is that these bags, depending on market conditions, have been priced at a premium—or a discount—to the price of silver bullion. In 2007, for example, 90% silver bags were available from Monex at two to three percent below the purchase price of silver bullion, which enabled you to buy more silver per dollar than just about any other form of silver.

90 Percent Silver Coins

In addition, buying U.S. 90% silver coins offers you a convenient, transportable and divisible way to own silver. They are real can spend the coins anywhere...and they will never be worth less than their face value.

Call a Monex Account Representative today to discuss how a U.S. 90% silver coin bag investment could and possibly should become part of your investment portfolio.

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Give us a call...give our service a try...and compare our prices. You'll see why Monex has been America's trusted name in coin and bullion trading...for more than 50 years.

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