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Since 2000, how have precious metals performed as compared to the stock markets and how important is it for investors to have a diversified portfolio today?

Robert Wiedemer
May 6, 2015
Video Transcript

People have to realize that certainly in the last 15 years, they think that, "Well gee, the stock market has done great and we've all made a lot of money off of it," a lot of that is paper money, but let's assume that they all got gains. The reality is that the best gains over the last 15 years would've come from precious metals. Certainly, gold and even silver have crushed...not just up...crushed stocks during that time. So, although they may be down, precious metals vs. stocks. There also could easily become a period where it changes. Diversification can make a difference in how your portfolio works.

So, there's also a role here for having some of both especially during times like now where one may be down, one may be up. A little diversification can help you in those transition periods. Certainly, to get over the long-term, you would have been much better to have a more diversified precious metals and stock portfolio over the last 15 years. Than in just stocks alone.

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