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What are the key reasons investors should consider this a very good time to increase their positions in gold?

Robert Wiedemer
May 6, 2014
Video Transcript

It's interesting, there are really two reasons to look at gold right now. I mean, one is the fundamental reasons I've talked about how that I think the economy is evolving towards the situation we're going to have huge problems ultimately with the stock and bond markets. Yes, I know they may have been pumped up for awhile, but government money printing and government borrowing -- and that certainly works and not only is that not a surprise, I wrote about that in America's Bubble Economy back in 2005 -- that was going to be the reaction the government was going to make when the bubbles pop. So no surprise is happening. It is going to happen, but that's just going to fool you and essentially they're trying to fool you and a lot of people are trying to fool themselves. It isn't going to work in the end. So fundamentally as this economy evolves, that's going to hit a wall and it's going to be a huge problem and gold is going to be a good investment from that standpoint.

But from another standpoint, there's always the cyclical trader, right? There's some degree of truth to that right now, the unloved from last year... the unloved investments from last year are the loved investments of this year. It's not just gold, I mean, you know, bonds actually have kind of recovered a bit, unloved stocks like utilities which were-- did not nearly as well in the market last year have actually way outperformed in the market this year. So, for a little bit you're going to get a certain amount of balance and the fact that the balance is occurring, I think, it's a healthy sign that, you know, people are saying, "Well maybe gold was over sold and it's coming back" and it's come back very, very nicely this year. So that could easily continue and we could continue to see a rotation, as people like to say in the stock market, out of the unloves to the loves and gold is certainly one of the investments in that category.

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