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Physical Gold vs. ETFs

Jeffrey Christian and Sean Brazney
September 24, 2022
Video Transcript

Sean Brazney: Hello! My name is Sean Brazney, Sales Director for Monex Deposit Company. I’m here today with Jeffrey Christian, Managing Partner and Founder of CPM Group, one of the many analysts over there at CPM Group. Thank you for being with us today Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Christian: It’s my pleasure as always.

Sean Brazney: We’re here to discuss the most recent report we have out, which is Precious Metals For More Than Just Inflation. With all the inflation going on out there and the indicators that we just got through over the last couple days with CPI and PPI numbers, so fitting to have that report available for our viewers when they call in.

I’m going to kind of steer off a little bit to a couple other reports that you’ve done for us. One most recently and that would be, The Real Reasons For Owning Gold, which is an incredible report. It’s a little closer to, I think, 12-13 pages and the first few pages of course are table of contents and some great pictures in there, but it grabbed ahold of me at about page 5 and I did not want to put that report down until it was done. So, very thankful for that report. I hope our viewers call in, talk to an account representative, and get that free report as soon as they possibly can.

I really want to even go further back to a report you did for us I think was in 2018, 2019, and it was titled, Ownership Verses Promises. One of the main themes in that report dealt with physical bullion, owning and holding onto physical bullion, verses what we would call paper gold, maybe like an ETF like GLD, and you talked about some of the benefits of owning physical bullion over paper, and I’m wondering if you could share with our viewers today some of those benefits again.

Jeffrey Christian: Well, we’ve always been proponents for owning physical gold. We do have clients who will own or trade ETFs, but in terms of having gold… why do you have gold as an investor? Well, you have it as an insurance policy against all sorts of personal, and regional, and national, and international problems that could occur. You have it as a form of wealth, and wealth preservation, and wealth diversification, and then you have it as an investment. If you look at those three pillars of why own gold, the first two say you should have physical gold, some of that physical gold probably should be in your possession, some of it should be close to where you can get it and it should be in secure depositories or other places where you can feel comfortable to get it, and then you might have other gold elsewhere, perhaps even in a different country from the one that you live in as further insurance against unrest and uncertainty and problems. If you own physical gold, you own it. If you own an ETF, it’s not readily transferrable to gold in most applications. Even when it is transferrable into physical gold, it’s usually very expensive to make that transaction. ETFs simply aren’t physical gold and physical gold is what you want to have as your insurance and as your wealth diversifier.

Sean Brazney: Yeah, we get the question a lot, when we get callers calling in and investors calling in, and the reasons for… why did they want to hold onto physical gold? I want to remind our viewers that we have these reports for free for them, when they call in and talk to an account representative. So, I’m going to encourage to call Monex today, talk to an account representative, and get your free report today.

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