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How has the Fed’s policy of printing money put stock market investors at great risk?

Robert Wiedemer
October 6, 2015
Video Transcript

Without money printing, the stock market is not going up. Now, the stock analysts will tell you, "Oh it's every reason, but that... that it's China, it's Europe, it's who knows what," but in reality since money printing has ended in October of 2014 the market has had a rugged time. You look at any chart and you'll see it did well when they're printing money and when they're not--it's not. The fact that everybody is trying to look away from that very obvious statement is sort of scary to me and sort of indicative they kind of know in a way that... "Yeah, you're right Wiedemer, that money printing was important." That's really what is pushing up the stock market. That's the kind of thing that people should be looking at, rather than looking away from, and that's what they're doing now--they're looking away from it. People looking at it know what it means. If your market is very much pumped up by printed money, what's the long-term future of that stock market holding its value or anywhere near its value? Not much and I might add conversely, what's the long-term probability of something else like gold or silver doing very well? Well, it's very high. Again, frankly, most people don't really want to see. Most people, and normal stock marketer or financiers, don't want to see gold and silver go up, because they know what it does mean--bad for the stock business. I understand that. I'm not saying that's good. I'm just saying that's reality. You are now pumping up that market with printed money and we're seeing it's not doing very well. You might say it's up this day or that day or now, but over all it's a huge change from before when we were printing money.

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