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Do you think smart investors are starting to understand that this is a “fake recovery” and it’s unsustainable?

Robert Wiedemer
October 6, 2015
Video Transcript

It was funny, I say that a lot of people know in their heart of hearts this can't go on. I was doing a presentation in Houston and I ran into this kind of old Southern lawyer. He managed a wealthy family's money and he said, "You know, people tell me all the time, my typical money mangers they say that there's really nothing too wrong, you get too worried about all this money printing and borrowing and everything, don't worry about it much. There are some problems. I don't support it, but you know the economy is doing fine and you just don't have to worry about too much affecting your investments.“ He said, "Well, I'm a lawyer and I know the legal term for that. The legal term for that is Bull--!" I think you can fill in the blank. He kind of knew it. He didn't have a degree in Economics from Harvard. He was a smart guy, but he represents a lot of people I run into. That's right! They kind of know that the other guys are giving you a "Bull--" and it ain't the truth.

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