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Despite the current strength of the dollar, are you seeing warning signs ahead that could directly threaten the dollar--and investors who depend heavily on it?

Robert Wiedemer
May 6, 2015
Video Transcript

Yeah, there are a number of signs that the U.S. dollar despite it's strength...has more fundamental concerns and other people around the world are concerned about it. The fact that a world bank type organization is being set up by China, which we didn't support and we prefer that our allies not support, and all our allies went ahead and supported it. It tells you that there are a number of concerns out there about the dollar as being the primary currency. Yeah, I mean if other countries are interested in going along with supporting efforts that really take away from the primacy of the dollar that should give us some pause, right? Why are they worried about hedging their bets on the dollar, when it should be clear that the dollar is supreme? Well, it wasn't that many years ago, in 2008, the President had to go out and point out how important and strong the dollar was. Right now the dollar has been stronger, but I think that the colonel of concern over the dollar...the colonel of concern over our economy was it grew in 2008 and 2009 and I don't think it has entirely gone down. I think people do sort of know even if they don't talk about it, that the only real reason that we're where we are is because of that massive money printing and that massive borrowing. Certainly, my own statistics show that's the reason the stock market is where it is. That's the reason the economy is where it is. It's not because fundamentally the dollar has really gotten stronger during that period. In fact, the fact that our President had to talk about how it is strong. The fact that other countries are hedging in their support of the dollar. I think it all tells you that there are problems ahead.

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