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What plans do you have for another book and what do you see on the horizon for gold?

Robert Wiedemer
May 6, 2014
Video Transcript

I do have an upcoming book. It's on the horizon; we'll call it the far horizon. It's certainly not going to come out this year. We've just done an update of both After Shock Investor and After Shock and that's enough for one year and right now. I think it's all that's really needed, but there is a book on the horizon, which is going to be called, The Final Sequence. That's a working title, but I suspect that will be pretty close to the final title. It's going to talk about, how does the after shock really happen in sort of a sequential more specific way. I can't write the book this year. In fact, my publisher and my editor have asked me, "Can we write that book this year? I'd love to have one at the end of the year in the fall." I can't because I don't know how that final sequence is going to end. I need to know it first. To know that, I've got to see how the current economy plays out a little bit further, but I think by next year we're getting close. In fact, we've already started to write out several of the key elements in that final sequence. We've kind of narrowed it down to three elements that we think will be very important and again we'll refine this as we know more over the next year and start to write this book maybe next Summer -- don't tell that to my editor, I said I'd try to write it next Spring -- but we're going to write it whenever we finally know what that sequence is going to be.

One of those elements that are becoming increasingly clear is that gold may be a very, very important part of it. If gold, in fact, is... well, if the gold markets are being intervened, I think they easily could be, there's certainly reason to do so and ability to do so. I have no proof of that. I don't know if they're happening. A lot of people have talked about it. Some fairly well credentialed people like, Paul Craig Roberts has talked about it. He was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under the Reagan Administration. He got a PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia. So fairly well credentialed guys talked about some of this and I certainly think it could be happening. If it is and if in fact the markets are manipulated and that manipulation at some point fails, kind of like... remember the British pound failed, they tried to manipulate it up and then it didn't work and George Soros made, I don't know if it's his first billion, but he certainly made a billion dollars off that trade. If this manipulation fails, gold could soar. In and of itself, it could be part of a general, not just a canary in a coal mine, but it could be part of the general after shock starting, because it could also be timed with problems in China. Where China starts to have a lot of problems and I've talked about all the reasons I think it will have problems. If real estate stock goes down in China, you could find that… that makes a lot of people there go into gold. If we have a problem intervening in the markets, gold soars and this becomes one of those elements and a very key element in the final sequence.

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