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U.S. Budget Deficit
July 20, 2009

Will “Health Care Reform” help the U.S. economy and strengthen the dollar?

Deficits Debt

President Obama and the Democratic leadership are trying to ram a medical insurance bill through Congress in record speed, before anyone can get a good look at it.  This 1,000-page monstrosity was released last Tuesday.  The president wanted to see voting start by Thursday.

The House bill would increase federal spending, increase taxes, increase debt, increase health care costs, increase unemployment, reduce wages, reduce American competitiveness and provide nothing to anyone until 2013.

The bill reminds me of Winston Churchill’s line:  ‘Never…was so much owed by so many to so few.’  Under this bill, the vast majority of Americans would owe a great deal throughout the foreseeable future – paid directly to the IRS or in kind – while a comparatively small number would benefit in a meaningful way.”

“In pushing for such a radical bill, the Obama administration and congressional leaders are leaving moderate Democrats and the American people behind.

A recent poll indicates that while only 22% of Americans strongly favor the Democrats’ medical insurance plan, 38% strongly oppose it – and the number of people strongly opposed in rising.

In the wake of the House bill’s release, that number is sure to rise further.”

“That’s the one bright spot.  More and more Americans are realizing that ObamaCare is the ticket to higher taxes, higher deficits, higher health care costs, reduced wages, reduced American competitiveness, reduced freedom and rationed care.

Reason and sobriety can still take hold and beat back this attempt to impose government-run medical care on the American people.  The box score is not yet printed.  Rather, the ballgame is just under way.”

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