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Gold Canadian Howling Wolf Coins

Own the first coin in the Canadina minted “Call of the Wild '' coin series today with this one of a kind Gold Canadian Howling Wolf. This is the first gold coin in a series that is renowned for offering high quality coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.
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Gold Canadian Howling Wolf
Design and Specifications


The eerie sound of a wolf’s howl can pierce the air for miles around, and send shivers down even the most stalwart spine. It can be a lone voice in the darkness, or multiple calls echoing from the distance. The wolf’s howl demonstrates its sophistication and complex social structure. Wolves live in packs of 4 to 12 members, and they are highly territorial, controlling hundreds of square kilometres. Howling is the pack’s way of communicating gathering members, warning intruding packs, even calling wolf pups.

Gold Canadian Howling Wolf Coin Obverse


  • The first of three coins in the exciting annual bullion series from the Royal Canadian Mint featuring the call of the wild.
  • Full 1-ounce 99.999% pure gold coin, the highest recognized level of gold purity, crafted in bullion finish.
  • Intricately micro-engraved Security Feature in the form of a textured maple leaf design produced by the Mint’s innovative use of laser technology helps to confirm the authenticity of the coin.
  • An even more secure investment option, this is an attractive acquisition for both first-time precious metal buyers and long-term investors.
  • Highest face value ($200 CAN) of any legal tender 1 oz. gold bullion coin.
Gold Canadian Howling Wolf Coins for Sale


Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Item Number: 128243
UPC: 6-23932-05208-6
Composition: 99.999% pure gold
Weight (g): 31.11
Diameter (mm): 30
Face Value: 200 dollars (CAN)
Finish: Bullion
Edge: Serrated/Reeded
Packaging: Each coin is encapsulated on a plastic card the size of a credit card
Artist: Pierre Leduc


The reverse design by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc presents a profile portrait of a howling wolf backed by lines representing the wolf’s howl. The central feature of the image is the highly detailed right-side profile of the head of a wolf, its muzzle turned skyward and its mouth open in the wolf’s familiar howling pose.

Gold Canadian Howling Wolf Coin Reverse
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