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canadian klondike gold coin reverse
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Canadian Klondike Gold Coins

As low as: $2,249.10
In 1896, the face of Canadian history changed with the discovery of gold in the western-most territories of the country. In honor of the Gold Rush, the Royal Canadian Mint fittingly introduced the Klondike gold coin with an exceptional 99.999% purity and equally exquisite designs. Monex proudly offers Klondike Gold Coins for sale online or by calling one of our Account Representatives.
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What to Know Before Ordering

1 oz .99999 Gold Canadian Klondike Coins at a Glance: 

  • 1 troy ounce of .99999 pure fine gold
  • 1.18 inch (30 mm) diameter
  • 200 CAD face value
  • Legal tender backed by the Canadian government
  • Suitable for an IRA investment

Please note: Design and mintage years vary and will be selected by Monex randomly upon completion of purchase based on availability. Images shown in this listing are examples of the coin you could receive and do not represent the actual product purchased. Multiple coin transactions could result in receipt of the same design and mintage.

Monex account representatives are available between 5:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific time each Monday through Friday (except national holidays) and on many weekends. Call us today for more information.

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Klondike Gold Coin Design and Specifications

Westward bound with dreams of striking it rich, 19th century pioneers trekked across the vast landscape pioneering new territories and expanding the boundaries of the country. The Canadian Gold Rush, similar to the California Gold Rush, forever changed the course of history. In 2021, the Royal Canadian Mint paid homage to the era with the release of the first 1 oz Gold Klondike Coin featuring an impressive .99999 pure gold consistency and intricate artwork. The second coin of the series was released a year later with the same exquisite consistency and detailed depiction.

The 2021 1 oz Canadian Gold ‘Panning for Gold’ Coin portrays a close-up of a prospector’s hands sifting sediment and water through a gold pan. For enhanced security, the field behind the imagery includes radial lines and the maple leaf micro laser-engraved privy mark with the addition of the mintage year, detectable only under magnification.

canadian klondike gold coin reverse

The 2022 1 oz Klondike Gold Rush Coin depicts a prospector standing in a shallow river bed, pouring water and sediment into a standalone sluice box. The intricate design tells the story of a successful day as the gold nuggets are presumably collecting beneath the sifter. The background field offers enhanced security with the addition of radial lines and a micro laser-engraved privy mark.

Each 99.999% pure gold Canadian coin features the same standard obverse imagery of Queen Elizabeth II in profile. Klondike coins have a face value of $200 CAD and are backed by Canada. Boasting the highest standard of pure gold consistency of any coin in the world, the Canadian Klondike coins are assay certified by weight, purity and content.

canadian klondike gold coin obverse
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